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We regularly deliver workshops and lectures to promote understanding of issues affecting Sex Workers in our community and elsewhere, including sex work criminalization, poverty and housing, substance use and harm reduction, stigma and discrimination, and the legacy of colonialism. We also provide support for the adoption of best practices in working with Sex Workers. We acknowledge that Sex Workers are most knowledgeable about the issues affecting them. All of our workshops and lectures are led or co-led by people with experience in sex work.

If you have any questions about our Public Education program or are interested in organizing a workshop or lecture, please email divasdome.consulting@gmail.com

Public Education Program

We regularly lecture to community and academic audiences to increase their awareness of the issues affecting Sex Workers. Our lectures focus on how social inequalities, such as sex work criminalization, poverty, and discrimination, negatively impact Sex Workers. We have delivered lectures on a range of topics, including:

  • How sex work criminalization negatively impacts Sex Workers

  • How policing strategies, such as police crackdowns, create danger for Sex Workers

  • How stigma and discrimination prevent Sex Workers from accessing health and social services

  • How colonialism continues to impact Sex Workers of Aboriginal ancestry

  • How transphobia undermines the safety of trans* Sex Workers